Tredegar Elite

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The Tredegar Elite

The Tredegar has long been established as the bedrock that provides the foundation of the entire Stately range, and continues to offer exceptional value for money, especially with the introduction of the latest siblings…. twins, but not identical!

In order to offer customers a wider and more varied range, the Tredegar Elite steps in to provide a practical and well-equipped choice between traditional and modern. Offering the same high spec of finish and appliances, the Elite can be ordered with either splay or box bays, establishing the model as the point where the designs – both traditional and modern – move away from one another and become very definite alternatives.

While the traditional, splay-bayed version is an obvious nod to the style that has served Stately and its customers so well for so many years, the modern, box-bay version falls into the newer, more contemporary group of homes such as the Windsor, Wentwood, Woburn and the brand-new, top-end Kensington, establishing a consistency of product and design throughout the range, fulfilling the expectations and demands of the modern customer and offering homes to appeal to every budget.

As with all Waterside park homes there’s a wide range of packages to choose from to help make your home unique to you.

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